Diorama: boats in the sea

01 boats in the sea (by Diorama)
02 boats in the sea remix


01 ploum
02 ploum ploum (remix feat. excerpts from Lady Gaga’s „Just Dance (A Capella)“, M83's "Kim & Jessie (Data Remix)" & Alibi Montana’s „Langue de Pute (A Capella)“ and „Mathematique de la Gachette (A Capella)“)
03 ploum ploum (remix instru feat. excerpts from M83's "Kim & Jessie (Data Remix)")
04 ploumploumix (by Diorama)
05 ploumploumix video dolls remix
06 ploumploumix remix

"dolls" video based on Diorama's drawings

Diorama: a piece of a stick

01 a piece of a stick (by Diorama)
02 a piece of a stick remix

Diorama: Colors of time

01 Colors of time (by Diorama)
02 Colors of time remix
03 Colors of time remix 2


01 raaa
02 raaa2