Autumn (5x5) remix

Diorama’s original video
music: BHT remix (excerpt)

plantes for Diorama

01 plantes for Diorama

video "plantes for Diorama", based on Diorama's drawings

Burning Herbal Tea - remixes

More about eric's new project, here!

01 Charles Bukowski intro
02 Charles Bukowski remix

Diorama: calice

01 calice (by Diorama)
02 calice remix
03 calice remix 2
04 calice megaremixdelamortsanscalice 3

my joy

01 my joy (contains excerpts from Yass' "My Only (A Capella)" & Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis' "Just Dance (A Capella)")
02 my joy (instru)
03 my joy remix (contains an excerpt from Jesu's "Don't Dream It")

instru rock

01 instru rock
02 see the light (instru rock vocals version feat. excerpt from Yass’ „My Only (A Capella)“)
03 see the light (instru version)
04 see the light Pjotrek mix (by Peter)

Diorama: boats in the sea

01 boats in the sea (by Diorama)
02 boats in the sea remix


01 ploum
02 ploum ploum (remix feat. excerpts from Lady Gaga’s „Just Dance (A Capella)“, M83's "Kim & Jessie (Data Remix)" & Alibi Montana’s „Langue de Pute (A Capella)“ and „Mathematique de la Gachette (A Capella)“)
03 ploum ploum (remix instru feat. excerpts from M83's "Kim & Jessie (Data Remix)")
04 ploumploumix (by Diorama)
05 ploumploumix video dolls remix
06 ploumploumix remix

"dolls" video based on Diorama's drawings

Diorama: a piece of a stick

01 a piece of a stick (by Diorama)
02 a piece of a stick remix

Diorama: Colors of time

01 Colors of time (by Diorama)
02 Colors of time remix
03 Colors of time remix 2


01 raaa
02 raaa2

Diorama: morceau-incomplet 2008

01 morceau-incomplet
02 morceau-incomplet remix complet (à la Moutardex)
03 incomplet Pjotrek mix (by Peter)
04 a car in the night (Diorama's complet morceau-incomplet)
05 a car in the night (Moutardex' complet morceau-incomplet remix)

Diorama: new one - 2008

01 Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter
02 Mrs Brown you've got a lovely moutardex remix
03 Mrs Brown you've got a real remix

ach! i thought it was an original by Diorama but he said to me it's a track by Herman's Hermits!
i don't care, i wrote my own lyrics for the remix...

And on 9th october 2008, i finally did a real remix!

Diorama: Kisses & Tricks - 2003

And here are the old remixes and remakes (juin 2003).

And the new ones..

Les Cannibales - 2008

Diorama vs Moutardex !!! (Berlin session jul. 2008)

01 Loin (D: guits, M: keys)
02 hors d'atteinte (D: guits, M: keys)
03 quand (D: guits, M: keys)
04 reviendras-tu (D)
05 silencieuse (M)
06 à demi-teinte (D & M)
07 quand apparaitras-tu (M)
08 quel vent (D)
09 te fera frémir (D)
10 quels (M)
11 mots (M)
12 sauras-tu me dire (D & M)
13 à demi-teinte (M)
14 à demi-teinte (M)
15 Loin (D: guit acc., M: keys, guit)
16 superman (M)
17 superman II (M)
18 Slubice (D: guits, M: keys)
19 Berlin's Bitch (D: guits, M: keys)
20 Oder (D: guits, M: keys)
21 Treptower Park (D: guits, M: keys)
22 grande roue (D: guits, M: keys)
23 les complications (D)
24 merde (M)
25 après tout (D & M)
26 back to the basis (D: guits, M: keys)
27 escalator (D: guits, M: keys)
28 plateforme n°3 (D: guits, M: keys)
29 plateforme n°457.812 (D: guits, M: keys)
30 sous-sol (D: guits, M: keys)
31 derrière toi (D: guits, M: keys)
32 police symptome (D: guits, M: keys)
33 enfin la nuit (D: guits, M: keys)
34 Slubice (D: guit acc., M: keys, guits)

Moi - mars 93

tracks with eric in the garage.

Trio + 1992

MPT Rennes 1995

with franck & franck. engineer: jacky. fab plays kro on part 3.

Slug - rough & rare (93-94)

with eric, franck, steven & gui.

je suis un sucre mou

01 Martyr remix (Slug)


Many remixes of old tracks by Buckjunk.
More about his CCCPROJECT, hier. He used to play bass before, you can listen to it, hier (tracks 6, 7, 8) or hier.

90-93: the beginning

rowen: drums; jean-luc: drums; vincent: guitar, vocals; eric: guitar, vocals; sylvain: bass; roger: bass; franck: vocals; fred: vocals

JAZZ (a little from the best)

i tried to make a little compilation of the best jazzy moment i did. with many collaborations with Ribot, Mingus and Texier, in new mix or remastered. with 2-3 rock pieces because it was so annoying..!


I hope that Peter or Diorama will remix my own comeback!

Diorama: the comeback

Diorama was not really gone. He send me this explosiv number one hit and i made a "full moon" with it. I called Erlend who gave his voice to make it prettier. Peter said it remembers that! Look now for the new mix with Dälek!

erlend oye vs hot pot

I think i have a problem with erlend oye..
I tried to mix "sudden rush" with "liberator" by Hot Pot (see springy for more). Very beautiful..


I used "partie violons complete.1" and "chœur (64m) 4 voix" by gui and mixed them with a drums'piece by Melvins, the acapella version of "Sudden Rush" by Erlend Oye, and an excerpt of "Besame Mucho" by Ellery Eskelin.
I made the second remix with the 2 tracks by gui and many excerpts from "Sudden Rush".

The picture is a remix of a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso b

eric on 2, 3, 4. With Henri Texier on 9. Pearl Jam on 29.

K7 perso v - garage/bureau

Many tracks with flûte irlandaise and accordéon. eric on 8.

K7 perso c - Jayce

Many reprise: Bronski Beat, Supertramp, Jayce et les conquérants de la lumière.. eric on 2.
The picture is based on 13 drawing by Peter.

K7 perso x - keyboards III

Many keyboards and eric on 13.
The 2 pictures are based on a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso y - rocks

On this one, nothing really interesting, many reprise of myself..

K7 perso 9b - keyboards II

Too many keyboards and a reprise of a track by Dead Can Dance.
The picture is a mix with 2 pics by gui.

K7 perso l - scratch remix

Oh i think on this one, i did my best! Many tracks with eric, 1 as Cristill, and 1 megaremix of "chanteur de jazz" by Michel Sardou!

K7 perso k - special dub

3 tracks with my old Bontempi (bon tant pis in french?).
And a big massacre for The Breeders.

K7 perso 1 - keyboards

Keyboards & guitars & Metallica?!?

CD perso 1

Many years after, i discovered Garageband.

K7 perso MOI 3

Oh i love my Yamaha PSR-630.. This time, i destroyed Led Zep and Björk.

K7 perso MOI 2a-c-d

Again a selection of my musical horror show..

K7 perso MOI 1 - first tracks

Here are the first tracks i made with my 4-tracks recorder after the "Slug" period..

SLUG - demo

1993. Our first and last demo..
with eric, gui, franck & steven.

K7 perso j

Jacky on 6, eric on 18.

K7 perso h - Cristill

The "4 songs tape" under the name "Cristill" and many other tracks with eric.

K7 perso g

1 reprise of Cristill (eric + me). 1 reprise of Daniel Lanois. 1 reprise of "loveboat".
The picture is a remix of a drawing by gui.

K7 perso 8

I think this one was after "K7 perso f". 4 remakes of a song by fred. The picture is based on a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso f

A very old one..
The picture is based on a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso d

Boja on track 16, a Calexico remix, tralala.