K7 perso b

eric on 2, 3, 4. With Henri Texier on 9. Pearl Jam on 29.

K7 perso v - garage/bureau

Many tracks with flûte irlandaise and accordéon. eric on 8.

K7 perso c - Jayce

Many reprise: Bronski Beat, Supertramp, Jayce et les conquérants de la lumière.. eric on 2.
The picture is based on 13 drawing by Peter.

K7 perso x - keyboards III

Many keyboards and eric on 13.
The 2 pictures are based on a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso y - rocks

On this one, nothing really interesting, many reprise of myself..

K7 perso 9b - keyboards II

Too many keyboards and a reprise of a track by Dead Can Dance.
The picture is a mix with 2 pics by gui.

K7 perso l - scratch remix

Oh i think on this one, i did my best! Many tracks with eric, 1 as Cristill, and 1 megaremix of "chanteur de jazz" by Michel Sardou!

K7 perso k - special dub

3 tracks with my old Bontempi (bon tant pis in french?).
And a big massacre for The Breeders.

K7 perso 1 - keyboards

Keyboards & guitars & Metallica?!?

CD perso 1

Many years after, i discovered Garageband.

K7 perso MOI 3

Oh i love my Yamaha PSR-630.. This time, i destroyed Led Zep and Björk.

K7 perso MOI 2a-c-d

Again a selection of my musical horror show..

K7 perso MOI 1 - first tracks

Here are the first tracks i made with my 4-tracks recorder after the "Slug" period..

SLUG - demo

1993. Our first and last demo..
with eric, gui, franck & steven.

K7 perso j

Jacky on 6, eric on 18.

K7 perso h - Cristill

The "4 songs tape" under the name "Cristill" and many other tracks with eric.

K7 perso g

1 reprise of Cristill (eric + me). 1 reprise of Daniel Lanois. 1 reprise of "loveboat".
The picture is a remix of a drawing by gui.

K7 perso 8

I think this one was after "K7 perso f". 4 remakes of a song by fred. The picture is based on a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso f

A very old one..
The picture is based on a drawing by Peter.

K7 perso d

Boja on track 16, a Calexico remix, tralala.

K7 perso 7a

Tracks 20-26 with eric.

K7 perso 9a

A special keyboard..

K7 perso s

A little intro with eric, and on 39, an addition to a piece of guitar by gui.
The picture is a strange detection in the middle of a dusty picture by gui.

K7 perso a

It begins with a reprise of Slug, then it's the same as before..

K7 perso p

On this one, a track with a text by gui and 1,5 tracks with eric..

David Binney remix

K7 perso o

Some Alizée and Axel Bauer, aaargh..

K7 perso 2 - 2003

2003. Remakes of gui, 2 of Roy Black, addition on "como hablar" by Amaral..

K7 perso 5b - 2004

2004. Many RemErixes (remix of tracks by eric) and RemErixes' remakes + 3 reprises of Slug.

01 Les RemErixes (western)
02 more & more
03 symphonie
05 symphonie
06 around
07 around (text: Faith No More)
08 konspirativ (text: schule)
09 instru rock
10 symphonie
11 remake de RemErixes
12 remake de RemErixes
13 remake de RemErixes
14 remake de RemErixes
15 j'aime bien la vanille (Slug)
16 we are the Slug
17 j'aime bien la vanille
18 remake de RemErixes
19 remake de RemErixes
20 remake de RemErixes
21 remake de RemErixes
22 remake de RemErixes
23 remake de RemErixes
24 remake de RemErixes
25 instru rock
26 instru rock dub
27 instru rock
28 Les RemErixes
29 Les RemErixes
30 remake de RemErixes
31 remake de RemErixes
32 remake de RemErixes
33 Les RemErixes (sans Mocky)

K7 perso i

With many keyboards here..

K7 perso u

A few tracks with eric, a piece with Beck..

K7 perso z

On this one, just a few pop rock songs..

SLUG live 94 +

Slug on stage! (engineered by Boja) The 2 last tracks are duo pieces with franck b. on drums. The end of track 7 is a reprise of a track by Thugs.

K7 perso t

2004. Many RemErixes, remakes of "solo piano" by Gonzales, remix of a track by FBAC, and the song "homage" to Charly Oleg with a text by Annyvonne.

K7 perso MOI 2b - moutarde

Pour Boja...

K7 perso 7b

Soooo... The 6a was after the 7b.
Many text of gui on this one.

K7 perso 3b

93-95. Slug's beginning with eric & franck, then with steven for the bass on 25-27 and the bassist of another local group "Black Widow" on 28. In 1995 with franck b. & l., we used to play in the closet.

K7 perso r

2003. 1-5 + 24, 35, 36, 41 are RemErixes. 8-11 are reprises of tracks by Gonzales. 12-23, 25-30, 50-55 are remakes of tracks by gui. 42-48 are remakes of tracks by Stan Getz. The track i prefer is the 34, "klavierung".
The picture is by gui, remastered by me.