K7 perso e

On this one, there is a remake of a beautiful song by gui, "airport song".

01 intro/you never lie
02 2 tracks/one time
03 rock 80s
04 j'estime (instrum.)
05 decrescendo
06 jazz (gui: beatbox)
07 airport song (gui: voix, guit)
08 too tight
09 slow
10 rock
11 instru rock
12 rock decrescendo
13 piano crescendo/decrescendo
14 want to treak me
15 waltz
16 treat me down
17 treat me down (wanna feel like a lover)
18 treat me down (to the limits)
19 i-yaah, i-yaah..
20 i-yaah, i-yaah.. (don't know)
23 j'ai un trou (avec gui-sampled)/today
24 punk rock
25 slow-rock-bruit avec une jolie fin
26 when a day
27 hello die (when a way)
28 3 guitares

K7 perso 6a - rocks

The 6a is before the 6b and after the 5b or c. Or d..

01 Che
02 Che
03 instru rock
05 Marseillaise
06 when away (instru)
07 treat me down
09 to my heart
10 to my heart 2
11 instru rock
12 lose
13 lose 2
14 slow
15 Personne ne sait
17 say
18 suffer
19 Personne ne sait
20 nou na ne nou na ne na
21 nobody for
22 in L.A.
24 Hey
25 in L.A. 2
26 super away
27 nirvana
28 you say

K7 perso 10a

Ooooh, this one is very horrible great! With a remake of a track by Pascal Obispo. Mmm..

K7 perso w

On this K7, there are many excerpts of Slug's tracks, my first band with Eric (guit), Gui (sax), Steven (bass) and Franck (drums). The picture is a mix between Peter and me.

K7 perso-ende

This one contains all the lost tracks i had on many K7.

K7 perso q

I can't remember when i did this one. But it's older as the 3 others i have already published. It contains many horrible songs and some bad remixes. Eric plays the guitar on 12, 27, 28 and lead piano on 26.

K7 perso 2b - 2003

At this time, i already made some "RemErixes" (vs eric) and some remakes of tracks by gui (aka Diorama). This K7 was recorded between August and November 2003.

K7 perso 5a - RemErixes

Released in 2004, this album is a result of a collaboration between Eric and me. Rem- Eric -ixes = remixes + Eric. He send me tapes with some guitars, beatbox and bass and i tried to do something with (cut, guitar, keyboards, drums). 2 tracks are remakes of Kyo, a french rock boys band. And „à la E.S.T.“ is an homage to Esbjörn Svensson Trio and their large washing agent themes..

K7 perso 6b

Here is an old K7 album. I can’t sing, but i like doing some yoghourt in french, german and english. Many tracks are remakes of tracks by gui. I think this album is not so bad..


I like that: nothing to do, no idea. I take the guitar and play something stupid. I made many „symphonie“ but this one is really hot!
I made this 4 tracks in 2 hours. It was really great..


I don't know why i called this track "Biolese". I listened some tracks by Benjamin Biolay, and thought i could do easely the same. But i was wrong.
The second version is with a solo guitar totally wrong, but i like it.


1.This track is an addition to the Dioramixes' album.
2.One day, i made a mistake with Jacky and tried to excuse me. I used "je suis un imbécile anglais" by Baby Bird.
3.Birthday time.

Bernd sometimes..

Sometimes i just use my mac like a microphone.
And sometimes it sounds great.
The picture is by Bernd Dillbohner himself.

Erlend Baron

Here, 2 mixes with players that i like.

1.Based on Erlend Oye, with Ellery Eskelin, Nguyen Lê, Julie Delpy..
2.Based on Joey Baron, with Ellery Eskelin, Marc Ribot, Andrea Parkins, Nguyen Lê, Mike Patton..

One night in Wup..

What could do 2 guitar-players with just one guitar? one plays, the other tries to make something else..
Frank (another one) plays all the guitars, not on the remakes.

Vs. Deerhoof/tapemonkees

This is a mix of Rrrrrrright by Deerhoof with a remix of tapemonkees by Mr Lucky.
I think that tapemonkees was a guy who made music, he had a blog but seems to be disappeared. Like Lucky too. And Deerhoof is Deerhoof.
I don't know why I mixed them together..
don't ask.
And the picture is a mix with a drawing by Peter.



Diorama / Dioramixes

01 GF Projet - Background (extrait) (by Diorama)
02 GF Projet - Proidir/Relic (extraits) (by D)
03 Syliconic (by D)
04 Syliconic remix (feat GF Projet) (by Moutardex)
05 Biometrie (by D)
06 Biometrie remix (by M)
07 piano jingle (by D)
08 piano jingle massive destruction remix (by M)
09 Schuur (by D)
10 Schuur remix (feat Masada String Trio) (by M)
11 Fléche (by D)
12 Fléche remix (by M)
13 Rock it! (by D)
14 Rock it! full live remix (by M)
15 Frequence (by D)
16 background (by D)
17 Frequence/background remix (by M)
18 disco random 1 (by D)
19 disco random 1 bloudechboudébé remix (by M)

Full album of Diorama with the original cover.

01 Syliconic
02 Biometrie
03 piano jingle
04 Schuur
05 Fléche
06 Rock it!
07 Frequence
08 background
09 disco random 1

Dioramixes (with entractes and conversations) - by Moutardex
01 Biometrie remix
02 Conversation Teil 1
03 piano jingle massive destruction remix
04 Conversation Teil 2
05 Fléche remix
06 Entracte
07 disco random 1 bloudechboudébé remix
08 Baron-nade
09 Conversation Teil 3
10 Erlend jOyzz
11 Entracte 2
12 Rock it! full live remix
13 Entracte 3
14 piano jingle simple remix
15 Schuur remix
16 Conversation Teil 4
17 Frequence/background remix
18 Entracte 4
19 Syliconic remix (feat GF Projet)
20 Rock it! simple remix
21 Conversation Teil 5

first it

1.it1 - Just one try with garageband for Frank.
Frank wanted to play a solo sax on it, perhaps one day?..
So i tried to find someone else to play on it.

2.it2 - Peter did it!
3.it2 remix - So I made a remix of it.